Workplace Well-Being Solutions

Well-being is becoming a core responsibility of good corporate citizenship and a critical strategy to drive employee engagement, organizational energy, and productivity. It is also a growing expectation among the talent companies want to recruit, access, and retain. No longer an optional element of the rewards menu, well-being is now front and center as a business imperative for, high-performance companies.

In today’s world of always-on total-connectedness we really struggle to turn off the switch.

Due to the increased cortisol levels “the stress hormone” this connected state produces, spending too much time here causes burn-out, health problems and decreased effectiveness. Fact: 42% of employees report changing a job due to stress!

Inner Compass creates custom designed meditation, workshop and travel  programs to provide the tools for balancing the demands life. Let us show you how to foster a culture where the people in your life feel valued, heard, and engaged, both at home and the in office. We look forward to speaking with you further. 


Guided Excursions


Workplace Meditation

1 Hour & 4 Hour

Group Workshops

Coaches/Life-Hackers J. Currie and Dr. Kannan have designed this series to teach how, in this busy world we find ourselves in, we can achieve the work-life balance everyone is talking about? Using science-backed techniques participants experience amazing transformations by integrating small shifts in awareness and perspective.

1-hour Workshop Options:

  1. Achieving Work-Life Balance

  2. Embracing Change

  3. Make Stress Your Friend

Get the results that best fit your team. Leaders can pick a single workshop or all three. Workshops are priced individually and include workbooks, materials and stress kits. Download the brochure for more information. 

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