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"The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling." ~Fabienne Fredrickson



Life Balance Workbook

Achieving Life Balance 



Follow along as our team of 11 intrepid adventurers crosses the continent of Africa, driving from South Africa to Egypt in an effort to showcase the amazing innovations in sustainability being made in the countries we travel through. 

Look for the series to be released on the major streaming platforms and network television in January 2022.

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the frugal nomad

This quick-start guide to affordable world travel prepares the soon-to-be traveler with the tips and tricks experts use to reduce or eliminate their three main travel expenses: transportation, accommodation and meals.


The book represents the collected wisdom gained from tens-of-thousands of hours of travel by the experienced travel pros who contributed to its writing. Adventurers who, just like you, once sat on the precipice of setting out into the unknown, feeling a mixture of excitement, anxiety and fear.


This book introduces readers to the foundations of budget travel in a simple and easy-to-read format. The internet is full of scattered information. This guide organizes that information in a way that offers the reader a simple blueprint to follow for planning their future travels.

Heidi Mangus

J was the catalyst to a major transformation in my life.  I am now living more aligned with my core values and sense of purpose, with a trajectory that propels me out of bed in the mornings.  With J’s guidance, I’ve also learned to enjoy the journey of my ups and downs, rather than rigidly plodding down the path of “shoulds” that no longer serve my passions as they change and grow. 

Alexander Eisenberg

After my first session with Jay, I felt heard, cared about, safe, and the opposite of motivated -- empowered! (to find my own answers). Jay's a master intuitive and a great friend, something you don't usually get in a professional setting. 

Vivek Kinra

Jay is a wealth of knowledge in a lot of areas of life, business, travel and relationships. Usually if I have a question about something, he’s the first person I call and I’m amazed how he knows something about everything.