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Workplace Well-Being Solutions

Well-being is becoming a core responsibility of good corporate citizenship and a critical strategy to drive employee engagement, organizational energy, and productivity. It is also a growing expectation among the talent who companies want to recruit, access, and retain. No longer an optional element of the rewards menu, well-being is now front and center as a business imperative for high-performance companies.

In today’s world of always-on total-connectedness we really struggle to turn off the switch.

Due to the increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) this connected state produces, spending too much time here causes burn-out, health problems and decreased effectiveness. Fact: 42% of employees report changing a job due to stress!

Inner Compass creates custom-designed meditation, workshop and travel  programs to provide the tools for balancing life's demands. Let us show you how to foster a corporate culture where the people in your company feel valued, heard, and engaged; at home and in the office. 

CLICK HERE for a free workplace meditation class. 

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Guided Excursions

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Workplace Meditation

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1-Hour & 3-Hour

Group Workshops

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Coaches/Life-Hackers J. Currie and Dr. Kannan have designed this series to teach how, in this busy world we find ourselves in, we can achieve the work-life balance everyone is talking about. Using science-backed techniques, participants experience amazing transformations by integrating small shifts in awareness and perspective.

1-hour Workshop Options:

  1. Achieving Work-Life Balance

  2. Embracing Change

  3. Make Stress Your Friend

Get the results that best fit your team. Leaders can pick a single workshop or all three. Workshops are priced individually and include workbooks, materials and stress kits. Download the brochure for more information. 

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