The Frugal Nomad: A Quick-Start Guide to World Travel on a Budget



  • Think you can't afford to travel?

  • Have you been dreaming of making a change in your life, but don't know where to start?

  • Are you frustrated with the planning process and feeling like you're on information overload?

Based on the collected experience from tens-of-thousands of hours of travel by experienced budget travelers, this book I PROMISE will SAVE you THOUSANDS on your travels. It is literally the book you can't afford to travel without!


This quick-start guide to affordable world travel prepares the soon-to-be traveler with the tips and tricks experts use to reduce or eliminate their three main travel expenses: transportation, accommodation and meals.


Represented here is the collected wisdom gained from tens-of-thousands of hours of travel by the experienced travel pros that contributed to its writing. Adventurers who, just like you, once sat on the precipice of setting out into the unknown feeling a mixture of excitement, anxiety and fear. 


This book introduces readers to the foundations of budget travel in a simple and easy to read format. The internet is full of scattered information. This guide organizes that information in a way that offers the reader a simple blueprint to follow for planning their future travels. 

Inside is everything you need to know to quickly plan your big adventure and keep you safe while you’re out experiencing the world.


J. CURRIE: In 2014 he left the corporate grind and set out on a three-year adventure to travel the world. With no income, he was forced to develop methods for maximizing his experiences while preserving his personal savings.


His travels have led Jay all over the world, meeting people and exchanging wisdom. He has spent months at a time traveling in India, Nepal, Philippines, China, Mongolia, Russia, Scandinavia, Northwestern Europe, Romania, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Chile and Peru; in addition to hitchhiking from China to Germany, backpacking the Great Wall of China, hitchhiking across Canada, joining a SCUBA survey of sunken World War II shipwrecks in the Philippines, hitchhiking the continent of South America, climbing to Mt. Everest Basecamp (w/ the French summit team) and backpacking the Appalachian Trail.


Since becoming a member of the world traveler community, he has met hundreds of kindred spirits who have shared their secrets for sustained, long-term travel on a budget. He has gathered these secrets in this book to help inspire the next wave of travel pioneers.

discover the tricks experts use to travel for free !



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  • Think you can't afford to travel?

  • Would you like to earn an income while traveling?

  • Want to embrace a career in the travel industry?

This FREE eBook is an excerpt from The Frugal Nomad. It outlines 40 strategies that can get you on the road fast and reduce or eliminate your three main travel expenses:

Accommodation, Food & Transportation!